Foresight GC2 technology

Professional Grade Analysis

Powered by the world’s most trusted launch monitor technology, FSX 2018 delivers powerful data analysis and visualization features tailor-made for the professional club fitter and golf instructor.

Intuitive, fully-illustrated depictions of ball flight and club head data ensure easy analysis of each and every shot. Click-to-zoom data tables, swing camera drawing tools, and multi-ball comparison give the fitter or instructor a new level of insight. And when the session is done, player data can be emailed or uploaded to FSX 2018.

A complete picture of performance.

Never before has a technology provided real-time ball-flight and club head analysis with this level of accuracy, consistency, and reliability. Combined with the GC2 Smart Camera System, HMT Head Measurement Technology finally delivers a solution that provides a full range of performance — from club head to ball launch — including impact location on the club face.

*HMT units are sold separately from the GC2

True club head analysis.

Unlike other technologies that derive club head performance from indirect analysis, HMT uses the same proven, camera-based approach to performance analysis found in the GC2. Easily applied position indicators on the club head insure all critical club head data is captured. Every club can be tracked – from lob wedge to driver – and like the GC2, it works on grass or mats both indoors and outdoors.

Incredible accuracy and ease of use.

Developed and tested to the same exacting standards as all Foresight Sports products, HMT uses stereoscopic cameras in combination with the GC2 to deliver incredibly accurate club head speed and data analysis with every shot. Compatible with every GC2 device, HMT requires only a cable to connect. No additional power is required, and just like the GC2, a green light indicates when the device is ready to capture data.

Comprehensive dota at your fingertips.

With HMT, players have two options for seeing data – display swing information on the GC2’s LCD screen for instant viewing, or use our Performance personnaliser coque de telephonerazor phone 2 caseself bar 3000f literalouis vuitton phone casephone case with card holdertelefoonhoesjes bedrukken Simulation software to visualize, capture, sort, and save club head performance in real-time. Easily generate reports on critical data such as club head velocity, club paths, and smash factor. Reports can even be emailed.

Blast Motion Putting

Smart Video Capture™

intelligently records and automatically clips video of each swing. View your swing in slow motion with metrics overlaid and get drills and tips from the in-app Training Center.

Capture and analyze your swing or stroke metrics for every shot. Track performance and gain valuable insights about your swing tendencies.

Hudle Video analysis technique

Instant Feedback

By recording lessons and reviewing video on the spot, you can focus on areas of adjustment and see students improve.

Review Anywhere

Share video with your golfers at any time, with any mobile device. Provide feedback like never before.

Notes and Drawings

Make the most of teachable moments by adding voiceovers, angles, and custom drawings to any video.

Easy Organization

Manage your students and schedule within Hudl. Organizing golfers by name and club allows you to access videos quickly.