I started having lessons with Gary about 8 months ago to see if I could improve my game, straight away the first few lessons he really started helping. Not only technically with my swing but with the mental game, short game and course management and tournament preparation. I very much recommend Gary.
Seb Lovell 0 handicap
Since I started working with Gary I've gone from, shooting rounds in the 100's to consistently going lower than 80. We worked on every aspect of my game from long game, short game and putting.
Sam 16 handicap
I've had a few lessons with Gary, my putting lesson has made a huge difference in my game taking some shots off my round. Highly recommend!
John 14 handicap
Gary is really easy to work with and extremely helpful on the mental and technical aspect of coaching.
Paul France 15 handicap
When I started my lessons with Gary I had only played 18 holes 3 times and had no handicap. After a year of coaching with Gary my handicap was 18, now two years into coaching it's 13. The areas Gary helped me the most are my swing, shot selection and short game. With the use of the technology and high tech equipment at Pitch I have been able to develop my game extremely fast. I can't imagine implementing changes nearly as quickly without the camera recording and shot data.
Julien Yenilmez 13 handicap
Gary really helped me to identify some of the shots that were weak in my game and give me the guidance to learn the skills to play these shots and improve them on the course. For example, I was not able to play a knock-down shot effectively before, but during my lesson with Gary, I developed a game plan to tackle this problem and turned it into a strength of my game after testing on the course and specific situations to prepare me for tournaments and pressure.
Arnie Arkanath 3 handicap
Top coach, clear & concise! Never had lessons before but can clearly see where I was going wrong and how Gary's changes will soon have me playing off single figures.
Marc 12 handicap
Gary gave me brilliant pointers that just sorted out my whole game. Although I played well before the lesson, I now feel more in control. Wedge game is on fire!
Jack 18 handicap